How to Make a Baby Blanket (using minky)

How to Make a Baby Blanket (using minky)

Who doesn't love a sweet snuggly and cute baby blanket?

Personally, my daughter has so many blankets my husband and I feel as if we are drowning in them. But I do have to say all of them are so cute and snuggly. She loves to carry around a few of them throughout the whole day. She even puts them over her dolls and stuffed animals and pretends they are going "night night".

Recently I just started making baby blankets and I think after the last one I made (featured in this post) I am hooked and want to make more!

So let's get started on what you'll need and the steps it takes to make a sweet soft baby blanket.


  1. Scissors (or Rotary Blade)

  2. Measuring Tape

  3. Pins

  4. Thread that coordinates with the fabric colors

  5. Fabric for the top piece - 1yd (I used flannel)

  6. Fabric for the back piece - 1yd (I used minky)

Step #1: Cut the fabric

Once you have your fabric choices the first thing you need is to cut your fabric to the size you want. You can decide on the size that will best work for you. The dimensions I cut mine to were 40.5 X 22.5 inches.

If you are working with minky like I did then you will want to lay the minky down with the right side up, then put the top piece (already cut to size) face down on top of it and then cut the minky fabric so it lines up with the top piece.

Step #2: Pin the two pieces of fabric together

Next you will need to pin the two pieces of fabric together with right sides still facing each other. If you are using minky make sure to put pins about 1in apart all the way around. Minky has a tendency to stretch so I have found that it is helpful to put several pins all the way around to reduce the amount of stretching during the sewing process.

Make sure to mark off a section of a few inches that you will leave open so you will be able to turn it out later.

Step #3: Sew

Take your pinned fabric pieces to your sewing machine. Set it to a zig zag stitch and use about a 5/8 inch seam allowance. Make sure to start sewing just under the section you are leaving open and stop at the top of that section. Do a back stitch at the beginning and the end. Take your pins out as you go and be careful not to accidentally prick yourself while moving your fabric through the sewing machine.

Step #4: Cut Corners, Trim, Turn out

After you finish sewing the two pieces of fabric together trim the tails of the threads off. Then cut all four corners diagonally making sure you don't cut through the seams you just sewed. Trim a small amount of fabric off all the way around, but leave the excess (or most of it) at the opening how it is. This will make it easier to close the hole up at the end.

Now reach inside the opening you left and turn the fabric out so you now see the right sides of each one on the outside.

Step #5: Close the opening and top stitch

This is the last step, yay!

Finally fold in the opening so no raw edges are showing on the outside and pin it down with a few pins.

Take the blanket to your sewing machine and set it to a straight stitch. Let your seam allowance be the width of your presser foot. Do a back stitch and sew all the way around doing a back stitch again at the end.

Now take a look at your new baby blanket and enjoy its sweetness, softness and snuggliness!!

I hope you enjoyed creating a new baby blanket that your baby/toddler will love for years to come!

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