Creating My Brand

Creating My Brand

Introducing my new official logo!!

After I opened my etsy shop and started this website I decided to find a professional graphic designer to help me create my official logo and figure out my own brand. I asked the other members of a Facebook group I'm in, called Create + Grow, if they had any graphic designers to recommend. A few people responded to my post and I picked one graphic designer who has turned out to be amazing!

I contacted one of the recommended graphic designers and we set up a Skype call to meet in person. We talked about what my small creative business was about and how the process with her worked. She was so sweet and I knew that she was the right person for me to work with. So once I told her that I decided I wanted to work with her the process of designing this beautiful logo began.

In order for her, the graphic designer, to find out more about what I want my creative business to portray I had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire. This also helped myself realize just what I wanted to define my business as. There were several questions asking me who my ideal client would be. Basically my ideal client would be similar to myself! She is young, smart, and positive.

One of the questions that resonated with me was: What is your favorite part of your business? My favorite part is packaging up an order for a customer. I have so much fun doing this! I like to wrap up the item in tissue paper, then slide it into a cute paper bag with polka dots on it. Then I fold over the top of the bag and put a sticker with my shop name on it to close it. Then I write a personalized thank you note to the customer and put that inside the package envelope with their wrapped item. So its almost like the customer is getting a gift. Ultimately the customer experience is what is the most important to me. Realizing this is what helped me know exactly what I wanted my brand to be about.

Positivity, quality, customer experience, and great customer service are most important to my brand. The customer experience is a true happy, fun, and positive one. When they receive their order and see how much care I took in packaging up the item(s) I am sure a smile comes to their face. The quality of the item(s) is also important so the customer knows they purchased something of value that they can enjoy for a long time. Customer service is something I have a lot of experience in from previous retail jobs. I have brought my skills and knowledge of this into my business.

When I was a child I liked to put a little logo on the back of all the home-made greeting cards I used to make for my family and friends. I had the name Molly's Creations with a pink heart on either side and top and bottom of it. I think that my official logo for my actual business Molly Beth's Creations is an updated version of what I used to use. It is so much fun, colorful and conveys the positive vibes I want it to and reflects my own personality. I am so excited to share it with you all. Thank you so much to Hello Harmony Studio for creating this for me!

Live positive, Live fun!


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