My First Month on Etsy

Have you ever wondered what would happen within your first month after opening an Etsy shop? Did you think the sales would just come pouring in?

Luckily I am here to tell you my experience during my first month on Etsy along with a few tips!

My name is Molly Deckman and I started my first Etsy shop, Molly Beth's Creations, at the end of January 2018. So far I have made a handful of sales with a couple of custom orders already requested. My plan was to open it up by the first of April after working hard on creating as many items as possible to list. Why did I end up creating it so much earlier? Well that brings me to my first tip!

Tip #1

Ask one of your friends if they would be willing to be your first customer, purchase an item, leave a 5 star review and favorite your new shop.

One of my good friends and former co-worker asked if I could make her these adorable Farmhouse Bunnies. When I saw a picture of them I immediately said yes! She even told me she would be willing to pay for them and be my first Etsy shop customer, yay! I quickly found the fabric I needed and purchased it right away. I sent her pictures of what they looked like in the process of making them and the final product. She absolutely loved them. That night I created my first Etsy listing for her to purchase. The next morning she purchased them and I officially had my first sale after being opened less than 24 hours! She later left me a 5 star review and favorited my shop. I was officially in business!

Tip #2

Create an official listing for your Etsy shop from the custom ordered item(s) your friend asked for.

The day after my friend purchased the farmhouse bunnies I decided to take pictures of them so I could make an official listing in my Etsy shop so other people could buy them. It definitely paid off to list these because since then I have had 2 people favorite them and 1 person actually buy them! I was so excited when they sold. I made sure to ship them the next day to the buyer.

My friend then requested another custom order from me which included a set of 3 felt carrots and 1 yellow peep. I had so much fun making these and she loved the items again once they arrived. And of course she left me another awesome review!

I created a listing for the set of 3 Felt Carrots and have already had 2 people favorite them. I have plans to create a listing for the yellow peep along with other colors soon.

Be sure to check out my friend's Etsy shop HomeSweetFarmhouseNC for handmade and custom signs!

The peep on the top tier along with the carrots on the bottom tier are what I made.

Tip #3

Respond as fast as possible to any messages that people send you on Etsy.

Just one short week after I opened my Etsy shop I received my first message. She said she liked my Monet Zipper Pouch but it was smaller than the size she was looking for. She asked me if I had plans of making bigger sizes. Within a few minutes of receiving her message I sent one back to her saying yes I had plans to make bigger ones. Then she sent me a message back with her request. I had my first custom order from a complete stranger which was super exciting! The very next day I created the custom pouch she wanted and listed it for her to purchase. I was nervous at first because I heard that sometimes people request orders, you make them, and then they don't buy them. But luckily she bought it! After she received her item she left me an amazing review that was really sweet. I made sure to thank her for the review.

Go checkout her Etsy shop MiniMastersByM she does amazing recreations of paintings!

Tip #4

Purchase the Etsy shipping label when you receive an order.

When I received my first order I decided to try out the option of purchasing my own shipping label from Etsy. **Note: In order to do this you need to have a postage scale to know how much the fully packaged item weighs. You also need to measure the length, width, and height.** When I chose to purchase the label a pop up came up telling me that an email will be sent to the buyer that the item has shipped. You can change the date an email is sent to the buyer to the date you are actually taking the package to the post office.

Once you purchase the label you can then download and print it. I highly recommend purchasing your own shipping labels to do this. It is so much easier than printing the label out on regular printer paper, cutting it, then taping it to the package. With a shipping label you can print it out on your regular printer then remove it like a sticker and put it on the package.

When you take the labeled package to the post office you don't have to pay anything for it! You can drop it off in the small parcel drop off area inside the post office or take it to the clerk at the counter.

When I took my first order to the post office to ship off I also had another personal package to ship that had the same item in it I was sending to my mom. I decided to compare how much my personal package cost to what my Etsy package shipping label cost. To my surprise the cost to ship my mom's package was $0.84 more than what I had paid for my Etsy shipping label. If I were to ship at least one package a month from my Etsy shop and purchase the label each time I will be saving $10.08 for the whole year! Just think of how much you could save if you had 100 packages to ship out in one year from Etsy (if they all weighed and measured the same). That would be an $84 savings, which that amount of money could be your gas or grocery money! Believe me it is totally worth it to purchase the Etsy shipping label for an order.

Thank you for reading my first Blog post! Let me know if you have any questions or comments for me. I am open to suggestions on Blog post ideas.


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